Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chinese Lantern, Oil on Linnen , 50 x 70 cm

Chinese Lantern, Oil on Linnen , 50 x 70 cm

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That day I was alone roaming around in the city, passing by the colourful flower market of Muntplein. Suddenly I noticed Several Chinese Lantern which were hanging there in the flower shop, creating a beautiful orange roof. I could not stop myself from buying it impulsively. It was a difficult task to keep these branches safe in the public transport. As soon as I reached home I kept these babies in the most beautiful vase I have.  For quite a long time these branches keep decorating our house, sitting quietly in the Vase and taking my attention every now and then. 

One day in a very dull, dark and rainy day, when all the options of going out were of no use, these delicate orange buds of Chinese Lantern tried their luck to grab my attention. So I thought to work on my photography skills. That dull cloudy day was lucky enough to create an atmosphere and giving results of light and shadows. To take a bright photo I just used one blue scarf which was lying there since several days. As I always find Glass tempting I just used the petty dish which we use to lit the 'Diya' to our god. Since our god is very adjustable he did not utter a word when we use his own property. All the set-up, my macro lens and camera was ready to take few photos.

I took photo from every angle and was satisfied with the result but when I took the photo of these Three delicate Chinese Lantern I did not know that I might use it later as a reference photo for my upcoming painting but the two bright colours Blue & Orange were successful enough to keep me engaged. I looked at the photo several times and I find it tempting. Suddenly one day, I decided to start this painting. I made come changes while making this painting but I tried to keep the main setup and colours same, as far as possible. I spent around 20-24 hours to work on this painting, Painting it in several layers, thinking about every minute details is a difficult part of every painting so I can not say that I am fully satisfied with the result.  Actually I am never satisfied with most of my work and that helps me to keep going untill I get what I want, which again I never get and so I never stop trying hard :)

Recently, I got an opportunity to display this work for around one month in a group exhibition in The Netherlands and it has been reviewed by many art-lovers. 

Do tell me what you like / dislike in this work. I am ready to take your criticism in correct way, it will surely help me to improve further and develop my hobby.

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